While the sound can sometimes be too tinny and restricted, there’s no denying the arena-rock potential of these rockers. They’re clearly going for something big, and then bigger. But that’s a desire stemming not from outsized egos but from some creative impulse to push themselves and their music into deeper soil. At times reminiscent of everyone from Duran Duran to Yes to 30 Seconds to Mars, these alternative Eastern Bloc rockers combine an almost New Wavish sense of rhythm and freespiritedness with an underbelly of melancholy that sinks into one’s skin.
They’re polished but not that polished. Which isn’t to say that they’re raw or that the production values are sub-par. It’s more that they’re not as machine-produced as bands from the U.S. or England tend to be, nor are they anything like your typical DIY punk outfit or garage band.
They’re inventive, they’re open, they’re willing to go for combinations that most Western bands appear to shy away from—who tend to be too self-conscious of whatever image they’re trying to project or whatever genre they’re trying to stay true to (for fear of alienating judgmental, restrictive fans) to venture outside of that sound or that style. Sure, Weesp borrows from Muse and Tool and Smashing Pumpkins, but they reconfigure whatever it is they like from those groups into something fresh and unexpected.
And lead singer Alexei Falco is just as quirky and unique vocally as the Mike Patton of Faith No More days—but without the superfluous histrionics


You loved this game just as much as I did.
You loved to play with blades just as I did.
Your eyes've got used to darkness as did mine.
There are few things that make us feel alive

You use to walk the sharp edge.
Tonight I'm leaving the big stage.

It seems it doesn't breath
And shows no signs of life
Highways flew by
Dissolved 'us' in the night

At the edge of our time
So much needed but foreign
At the edge of our time
'till the last drop of...

At the edge of our time
'till the last drop of life(love).

You use to walk the sharp edge..
Tonight I'm leaving the big stage.

It seems it doesnt breath
And shows no signs of life
Highways flew by
Dissolved 'us' in the night


released May 18, 2015
Alexei (Lex) Falco– vocals, piano
Michael (Mike) Zalutsky – guitar
Dmitry (Mi) Budko – bass
Stanislav (Stak) Budko – electronics
Alexei (Gul) Galesnik – drums



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WEESP Minsk, Belarus

Weesp was formed in Belarus in 2008 and consists 5 members.
Weesp have developed their own style, mixing hard, yet fluted modes with modern trends in electronic
music and expressive vocals.

The band has recorded three EPs and released two singles.

Not only is Weesp famous for the quality of records, but also for the outstanding live shows.
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